Officers, Committees & Representatives

2015 - 2016


Matthew W. Johnson
Jones Day
One Mellon Ctr.
500 Grant St, 31st Floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
--------Vice President
Jacob H. Rooksby
Duquesne Univ. School of Law
One Mellon Ctr.
600 Forbes Avenue Floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15282

Chip Dougherty
Beck & Thomas, PC
1575 McFarland Road
Suite 100
Pittsburgh, PA 15216

Board of Managers
Mauri L. Aven

Thomas M. Joseph

Lester N. Fortney

Ying Cao

Executive Secretary
Pauline J. Moyles
The Webb Law Firm
One Gateway Center
420 Ft. Duquesne Blvd.
Suite 1200
Pittsburgh, PA 15222


Program Committee

Organizes and delivers six programs which support the objectives of the association. Enhances attendance through exciting and informative programs.

Henry M. Sneath
, Chair (412-288-4013)
Robert L. Wagner
Rebecca M. Bachner
Peter J. Borghetti
James G. Porcelli
John K. Williamson
Joseph T. Yaksich

Ethics, Grievances, Membership/By-Laws Committee

Addresses, as appropriate, ethical concerns or other complaints that may affect the Association. Monitors criteria and classification for Association membership. Addresses membership criteria and determine whether Association membership should be limited, in addition to residence and licensing requirements, to individuals actually engaged in soliciting of patents and trademarks as a profession. Contacts students interested in intellectual property and encourages PIPLA student membership. Contacts local non-Association members practicing in intellectual property area, and encourages PIPLA membership.

Evaluates and proposes Association comment, as appropriate, for proposed intellectual property laws and regulations. Prepares an Association position on twenty-year term, early publication, and first-to-file as harmonization legislation emerges.

Kirk M. Miles
, Co-Chair (412-471-8815)
William E. Kuss, Co-Chair (412-355-6323)
Gregory L. Bradley
Cecilia R. Dickinson
Glenn E. Klepac
Thomas C. Wolski

Social/Athletic Activities Committee

Promotes the social aspects of the Association by offering special social and athletic programs, such as golf outings. Conducts at least two social outings a year.

Michael D. Gagliano, Chair (412-471-8815)
Aaron A. Mace
Patricia A. Olosky
Christopher P. Sherwin

Public Relations/School Creativity Committee

Public Relations Committee promotes favorable awareness of and interest in intellectual property and PIPLA. Obtains media cooperation in publicizing intellectual property related events and news. Promotes and handles media and community requests for intellectual property related information. Publicizes meetings and events to the membership. Serves as custodian of Association's records and awards, particularly the Inventor of the Year Plaques. Attempts to find a suitable home for the Inventor of the Year Plaques. Displays information at appropriate meetings. Begins to write a history of PIPLA and assists other Committees in their publicity efforts.

School Creativity Committee actively supports efforts to teach creativity and recognize technical and inventive activities in area schools, e.g. judging Science Fairs and other technical contests and exhibits.

Adam J. Komorowski, Chair (412-471-8815)
Ralph G. Fischer
Neil J. Friedrich LinkedIn
Anthony Pisano
John Zerr

Web Page Committee

Ryan J. Miller, Chair (412-471-8815)
Christian D. Ehret
Aaron A. Mace

Newsletter Committee

Publishes periodic news and information that supports the objectives of the Association and informs the membership of relevant professional, Association, or member activities. Publishes at least three newsletters in the year.

Ying Cao, Co-Chair (412-394-9575)
Josh Nightingale, Co-Chair
Michael J. Grese
Jordan T. Riviello

Inventor Award Committee

Provides recognition to a regional inventor. Solicits nominations, selects award winner, and organizes recognition at an Association dinner.

Ralph G. Fischer, Chair
Michael Alexander
Joseph L. Kent
Glenn E. Klepac

Student Leadership Award Committee

Provides Recognition to law students at the University of Pittsburgh and Duquesne University based upon the Applicant's demonstration of leadership as reflected by a) grades in IP Courses taken; b) participation in moot Court Competitions; c) participation in student/ professional organization related to IP; articles written on IP issues sunmittef for publication; and, d) clinical work participation involving IP issues. Awards are presented to winning Applicants at the Spring dinner meeting of PIPLA.

Lynn J. Alstadt, Chair (412-562-1632)
Tracey D. Beiriger
Lee Kim
Duane A. Stewart III

IP Advisory Committee

Cecelia R. Dickson, Chair (412-471-8815)


EPO Liaison
William H. Logsdon

SIPO Liason
Randall A. Notzen

JPO Liason
Kent E. Baldauf, Sr.